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5 Benefits of LGBTQ Rehab in Pennsylvania

two people talk to a therapist in a lgbtq rehab in pennsylvania

Seeking addiction treatment is a life-changing step. An effective rehab allows clients the space to experience vulnerability and support. If you’re an individual who identifies as LGBTQIA+, choosing an LGBTQ-inclusive recovery center in Pennsylvania, like the one at New Horizons Recovery, can provide a level of understanding and belonging that is hard to achieve through more generalized treatment programs.

New Horizons Recovery is an LGBTQ rehab in Pennsylvania. Our programs are designed to offer LGBTQ-inclusive treatment to help clients achieve lasting recovery from substance use disorders and mental health symptoms.

Call 267.435.3134 today to learn more about LGBTQ recovery in Pennsylvania at New Horizons Recovery.

5 Benefits of LGBTQ Rehab

Some of the most significant benefits of LGBTQ rehab include:

1. Understanding Peers

One of the most significant benefits of a substance use treatment program is the support and understanding of peers who are also working to overcome addiction.
Unfortunately, discrimination against people who identify as LGBT is common in Pennsylvania. A national survey reported that 47% of Pennsylvania LGBT respondents had experienced discrimination in the workplace because of their identity.1

Choosing an LGBTQ rehab in Pennsylvania means you’re choosing a recovery community of peers who will accept your sexual and gender identity with understanding and support.
Connecting with others who understand the challenges of both LGBTQ identity and substance use recovery helps make treatment sessions both welcoming and productive.

2. LGBTQ Topics

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reports that members of the LGBTQ community experience higher rates of substance use disorder than those who identify as heterosexual or cisgender.2 Many social factors contribute to the greater number of LGBTQ individuals struggling with addiction. Some of these reasons include:

  • Bullying and harassment
  • Violence
  • Discrimination
  • Rejection by family members
  • Social stigma

Challenges like these often serve as contributing factors to a substance use disorder. Unless a treatment program is designed as an LGBTQ recovery center, it’s unlikely that LGBTQ-related topics will be adequately considered and addressed.

3. Supportive Staff

Choosing an LGBTQ treatment program ensures you’re working with compassionate staff members who understand the unique elements of both substance use disorder and LGBTQ identity.
There’s no risk of discrimination, ignorance, stereotyping, or other negative experiences when staff is informed about topics like sexuality and gender identity. It’s also common for staff members of an LGBTQ treatment program to be members of the LGBTQ community.

4. Dual Diagnosis Programs

Just as the LGBTQ community experiences higher rates of substance use disorders, the NIDA reports that the same is true of mental health concerns. When mental health conditions exist in conjunction with a substance use disorder, it’s essential to choose a program that offers dual diagnosis programming.

Opting for an LGBTQ treatment program with support for co-occurring disorders helps ensure that treatment can offer the necessary support in a way that’s targeted to address LGBTQ mental health concerns like depression, anxiety, trauma, and discrimination.

5. LGBTQ Recovery Support

Treatment is only the first step in substance use recovery. Building a strong support network is essential to a successful long-term recovery. Choosing an LGBTQ rehab allows you to begin forming meaningful, recovery-based relationships with others who share similarities in beliefs and lifestyles.

The peers you meet in an LGBTQ treatment program may grow to be lifelong friends and central elements of your recovery support system.

Professional Support in LGBTQ Rehab

Members of the LGBTQ community know that life as an LBGTQ individual comes with unique challenges. The same is true of individuals in recovery from substance use disorder. LGBTQ individuals in recovery live with a combination of these challenges, which means it’s essential to have effective support in learning the coping skills that can lead to long-term recovery.

LGBTQ Recovery in Pennsylvania at New Horizons Recovery

New Horizons Recovery understands the importance of connecting LGBTQ individuals with treatment that adequately considers and addresses the elements of addiction and recovery that relate to gender and sexual identity.

To learn more about our LGBTQ recovery center, call 267.435.3134 or contact us online today and ask about LGBTQ-inclusive treatment at New Horizons Recovery.



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