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Journey to a Healthy Future

Preparing for an Alcohol Treatment Program

a person takes notes at a computer during alcohol treatment program preparation

As a journey, life contains many twists and turns. Some of these turns can be seen from a mile away, while others seem to come out of nowhere. However, going into treatment for alcohol addiction seems to somehow combine the expected with the unexpected, filling the mind with feelings of dread for the future and anxiety for the present moment. It is not uncommon to feel unsure before heading into an addiction treatment program, especially if someone is going in for the first time. Committing to getting treatment promises tremendous changes for the future, but this includes a great deal of uncertainty. The best way to ease feelings of uncertainty before entering treatment is to do everything possible to be prepared. For those searching for an alcohol addiction program in New Castle, Pennsylvania, consider the following tips and tricks on alcohol treatment program preparation.

How to Mentally Prepare for an Alcohol Addiction Program

One of the most complex parts of going into treatment is mental preparation. A great deal of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty comes with such a monumental life change, and it is perfectly normal to feel unsure of what to do with oneself. In this instance, knowledge can be a great companion. This knowledge in and of itself can seem scary, but it is far better than sitting in suspense waiting for the next surprise.

Find everything that can be found out about a treatment program and learn what to expect upon arrival and during treatment. Basic research is the first step. Before choosing somewhere, look into what that facility specializes in, the services they offer, and the contents of its curriculum. Then consider what other people have said about the facility. Read reviews and blogs, and explore the contents of the treatment programs website. If this research were to be taken further, consider contacting someone who has already completed that or a similar program.

Physically Preparing for Alcohol Treatment

The physical aspects of alcohol treatment program preparation should also be taken into consideration. Aside from wanting to enter treatment in the best condition possible, the last thing someone wants is to get checked in at a program only to find out they forgot to tell someone to water their plants. There are also things like bills and pets that need to be taken into consideration. When preparing to be away for treatment, be sure to take care of the following:

  • Employment – Be sure to discuss your absence before leaving with your employer. This may require filling out paperwork or finding coverage for future shifts. It should be noted that most employees are eligible for medical leave, but this will vary among companies.
  • Schedule automatic bill payments – Automatic bill payments ensure that an individual’s financials are set and secure in case of an extended leave of absence.
  • Set up child and pet care – Speak to family and friends about looking after the little ones while away. While time spent away from family can be stressful, the payoff of completing treatment is well worth the work.
  • Get rid of all drug paraphernalia – Do a thorough search of the home to ensure that no triggers lie in wait upon arriving home.

These are just a few things that should be taken care of before leaving, none of which should be left to the last minute.

Start the Road to Recovery with Alcohol Treatment in New Castle, PA

Preparing for treatment is hard enough without worrying about finding a facility that fits best. At New Horizons Recovery, we specialize in alcohol addiction treatment and have dedicated our facility to providing the best care possible. For more information on alcohol treatment program preparation or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at 267.435.3134.