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Preparing for an Alumni Program

two people in a group hold hands as they discuss addicton alumni program preparation

It is an incredible accomplishment to complete a substance abuse rehabilitation program. Getting through treatment requires determination, bravery, and a tremendous amount of willpower. But the path towards sustained sobriety does not end after completing a substance abuse treatment program. Sobriety requires monitoring, a willingness to change, and adaptation to new circumstances and situations. Patients will learn many coping skills during treatment in preparation for such moments. Luckily, additional resources are available should the tools learned in treatment fall short.

Alumni programs are among the most significant resources available to those who have completed a substance abuse treatment program. These programs are designed to support those who have completed treatment but still seek assistance in maintaining sobriety. When searching for relapse prevention alumni programs in New Castle, Pennsylvania, consider the following information about preparing for an alumni program. Contact us today at New Horizons Recovery by calling 267.435.3134 to speak to a specialist about getting started.

What Is a Relapse Prevention Program?

Alumni programs are relapse prevention programs typically attached to a specific substance abuse treatment program. Upon completing treatment, patients usually create an aftercare plan to guide them as they transition back into the outside world. This plan will highlight the lessons learned in treatment and make patients aware of resources to help them maintain sobriety. Alumni programs are often viewed as one of the most valuable resources one can take advantage of after completing treatment. These programs consist of other individuals in recovery who have completed treatment and are looking to branch out and create social connections in the sober community. These programs provide events such as:

  • Hiking
  • Volunteering
  • Arts and crafts
  • Support groups
  • Cookouts
  • Camping
  • Social media-based alumni support

One of the most significant challenges upon completing treatment is finding like-minded individuals focused on maintaining sobriety. It is often the case that those who have completed treatment require a new social circle, as returning to their past social life may jeopardize their sobriety. Joining an alumni program guarantees a safe space where one can go to connect, stay busy, and make friends

How to Prepare for an Alumni Program

One must be honest with themselves about their strengths and weaknesses regarding their sobriety. Some people will have a hard time staying busy, while others may have difficulty avoiding triggers. An alumni program’s most significant benefit is that they create a space where those in recovery can connect, share experiences, and talk about their struggles.

The best way to fully utilize an alumni program is to identify the areas of sobriety where one needs support and to seek out someone in the alumni program who has experience dealing with those issues. In addition to providing program members with meaningful connections, they also offer those in recovery the opportunity to help others. Helping others is a fantastic way to make friends and create feelings of belonging. Whether through a volunteer event or simply talking to someone who has faced similar struggles, there is always a way to help in an alumni program. Joining an alumni program is a great way to stay active in the sober community and a great support system when times get hard.

Preparing for a Relapse Prevention Program at New Horizons Recovery

At New Horizons Recovery, we treat multiple forms of addiction and offer various behavioral health services. We understand that addiction doesn’t stop upon completing a substance abuse program. We work with our clients to ensure they leave treatment with the strongest support systems possible. Our staff is experienced and passionate, and our facilities are brand new—open to anyone looking to benefit their mental health. For more information on addiction alumni program preparation or to schedule an appointment today, contact us at 267.435.3134.